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Previous Entry T-17 days............ May. 3rd, 2006 @ 08:17 pm Next Entry

So, I've got 17 days until graduation. I've yet to send out the announcements. Between the paper, project, work, allergies, class, research, and all loose ends, I've been up to my eyeballs in "it." To make things more fun (read scarcasm), Brent has to cover West Va for the next six weeks. Meaning he'll be driving there, staying during the week, and then driving back hopefuly by the weekend. This we were going to spend as much time as we could this summer together, and this job is driving him crazy (and me too). Luckly he asked off in plenty of time and our cruise is safe!!!!! I'm ready for that vacation to start today!  My research is crap right now, work is only so so, school is so close yet so far to being over, and I've only got to play one game of ultimate frisbee yet. I so just want to go outside and play. Much like just going to get some drinks, junkfood, and just gossip (which will be soon), I just want to go outside and play. I can't wait to go camping or buy a basketball for the goal at Brent's house.

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